Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Spin on Promoting Your Book

Now here is an innovative and ultimately successful way to get your book noticed. Jennifer Belle took the promotion of her book into her own hands when she realized she wasn't getting much support from her publisher. What would YOU do to promote your book?

“I Paid Them to Read My Book”: Jennifer Belle’s “The Laughter Project” Pays Dividends

Author Jennifer Belle took her book publicity into her own hands by hiring actresses “to read my book on the subway and at New York City landmarks for $8/hr”


Marie Anne said...

If I could afford to pay several people $8 bucks an hour to read my book on the subway, I probably wouldn't need to sell the book.

Seriously, very innovative idea, though. Strategic marketing for sure.

I recently heard of people advertising on eggs. Maybe I'll give that a try.

Denise Kawaii said...

What a great idea. And the egg thing too! One of my marketing strategies that worked for getting my article writing off the ground was that I printed off about two hundred 1" x 2" slips of paper that just said:

Google: Denise Kawaii

I started leaving the strips of paper in public bathrooms, bus stops, airport terminals - anywhere that someone with a smartphone or laptop might be bored and looking for something to kill time. Within two weeks of the "campaign" I went from having 10 reads a day to over 200.