Friday, August 6, 2010

Will the Kindle Bring Sexy Back to Reading Again?

How do you think the Kindle will help the sales of your books in the next few years? Are you going to buy one? Personally, I am waiting until they hit the $99 mark.


Amazon's E-reader Increases Book Sales and Makes Reading in Vogue

Amazon's Kindle, the company's foray into the electronic reader market, may be on the verge of doing something that no e-reader has done before: get people reading again. 

According to Amazon, in the almost three years since the unveiling of the device, sales of Kindle books have exceeding total hardcover sales. The company expects that they will exceed all print editions within the next year or so.



Marie Anne said...

I honestly still can't see myself reading a 'book' that doesn't have pages to turn.

Denise Kawaii said...

I am, as in all things, resilient to change. I applaud Amazon (and other companies for having focused on E-readers) for bringing reading back to the masses and solving the issue of declining readers en-mass. But personally, I don't think any electronic device will replace the way it feels to read a book.

Then again, I am also waiting for the reader hit the $99 mark and it is possible that I will change my mind in an instant. You just never know with me.